myFM: Worst and Best Halloween Candy

by Lianne Phillipson October 28, 2020

myFM: Worst and Best Halloween Candy

You've bought the candy. It starts calling your name as soon as it gets home. Is there a better choice? 

What’s the worst Halloween candy?

Candy corn - there is nothing real in it. It has no nutritional value. Well, calories, but only from sugar. It containsfour different kinds of sweeteners, including sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, and honey, but also the food dyes Yellow 6, Yellow 5, and Red 3, lab-made ingredients that are often vilified for questionable side effects. The colours, wellyellow 6, yellow 5, and red 3.Yellow dye 5 can make kids go bonkers, like really set off sensitive kids. The other colours in them have also been linked to cancer. 

Rockets are called Smarties in the US? Whaaa? Not sure how that happened but really what are they? Powdery dust with more sugar. 

Tootsie roll launched in 1896, when chocolate wasn’t what it was today although it tries to have some sort of chocolaty type something going on with it. 

Best to go for?

Best, if there is such a thing - Reese's peanut butter cups. Yes a ton of sugar but at least a bit of protein to balance it out. And then there’s Snickers, similar theory. Peanuts and peanut butter give more protein and fibre. Not loads, but a bit.  

How to not get addicted to the sweets

Who can just eat one small bar?? Actually, most people delve into at least two if not more and that’s more than a normal size bar! A trace mineral called chromium is essential for processing sugar and yet sugar gives none. So, when we eat a lot of sugar, we end up in a negative chromium situation. Diabetics are typically very low in chromium and so right there we know that it is crucial in maintaining blood sugar balance. You need to take chromium from a supplement and that’s found in my own TAKE THIS by Lianne Alka C. Along with many other minerals, the vitamin C, well we all need it right now for immunity, healing and skin health. 

Treats that are way more fun

In the past, I’ve made a display of a carved out pumpkin with a big open mouth and guacamole perfectly placed coming out of the mouth looking like the pumpkin is throwing up. Kids LOVED it. Dip in some tortilla chips or veggie sticks and it can be the centrepiece of what’s to come. Try cutting a banana in half, dip it in yogurt and freeze it. Drop a couple of mini chocolate chips for eyes and oooooh there’s a ghost on a stick. Or apple slices made into a mouth with peanut butter and yogurt covered raisins for teeth. Make tuna sandwiches on brown bread, use a cookie cutter to make it into a circle and stick pretzels to the side for legs and raisins, olives or chocolate chips for eyes. 

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