myFM: Zero Sugar Drinks + Coffee I Drink Regularly

by Lianne Phillipson May 17, 2024

myFM: Zero Sugar Drinks + Coffee I Drink Regularly

As we approach the upcoming long weekend, many of us look forward to indulging in refreshing beverages. But how can we enjoy our drinks without derailing our healthy habits?

When it comes to alcohol alternatives, are they truly good for us? From flavored options like Bubly to the temptation of a classic Coke, the choices can be overwhelming. High fructose corn syrup, a common sweetener, has been associated with various health issues such as obesity and high blood pressure.

Exploring non-alcoholic alternatives, I discovered that many are essentially bubbly fruit juices with a range of flavors. To reduce their sweetness, try diluting them with water or soda water.

Delving into the realm of natural flavorings, it's important to note that the term "natural" can be misleading. Despite the perception of healthiness, "natural flavors" are still chemical compounds. It's crucial to be mindful of the cumulative impact on our bodies, especially for those dealing with issues like liver health and pesticide exposure.

Concerns about carbonated water's effect on calcium levels have circulated, particularly for individuals with conditions like osteoporosis. While current research is inconclusive, it's advisable not to heavily rely on carbonated beverages if you have specific health concerns.

Making informed choices about what we drink is an integral part of maintaining a balanced lifestyle. By understanding the nuances of beverage ingredients and their effects on our bodies, we can navigate the wide array of options available while prioritizing our well-being.

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