About Lianne

Lianne is a Registered Nutritionist, Award Winning and Bestselling Author, and the host of EAT THIS with Lianne podcast on the iHeartRadio network. She's an engaging speaker and nutrition expert on radio and TV.

Her approachability means she's a sought after media contributor and go-to for nutrition quotes, interviews, ideas, tips and articles. She has also written countless articles on nutrition, online and in print.

Lianne is artful at making complicated and overwhelming situations like news releases of recent studies (often differing to last weeks study), fad diets or taking clients’ test results and helping implement them into your daily eating habits and life. There’s an overwhelming amount of pressure to eat a perfect diet for both parents and kids, and some think to be healthy, you need to eat kale and quinoa daily. Lianne understands firsthand the pressures of feeding yourself and family. And for the record, she doesn’t really like quinoa!

Also as a mom of two super healthy, gorgeous girls, she's inspired to make what she knows available to every family so they too, can make a healthier choice one mouthful at a time.

Lianne started Sprout Right after her first daughter was born in 2003 with the hopes of supporting parents more than she was as a new parent, to feed her daughter. She started her unique in-person Mommy Chef cooking classes in her basement, that helped thousands of family learn to cook meals from scratch.

Ultimately, Lianne is a Registered Nutritionist who understands that balancing food, family and life can often end in needing a glass of wine!

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