myFM: Healthier Halloween

by Lianne Phillipson October 21, 2020

myFM: Healthier Halloween

This year, Halloween is as different as the last months have been. Uncertainty and disappointment, but can we turn that around?

Yes, Halloween is likely a nutritionist’s (and a dentist’s) worst holiday. 

For the sake of the immune system, can we find a way to have a healthier Halloween? And before you groan, think of the fun and creativity that the family can have making new traditions or coming up with new ideas of how to do Halloween a bit differently. 

Make a plan

Sit down and make a plan with your wee Iron Man or Fairy Princess. How are you going to do this? Have treats that you hide and find in the dark with a flashlight maybe? If that’s the case, you get to decide what the treats are. While you might think that they want the typical chocolate, smarties and candy, it’s actually more about the hunt and the fun of it all than what’s in the loot bag. So choose wisely. Limit the amount of super sugary options and find less sugary options and even things like stickers, pencils and random gifts. 

Trade up the loot

In your planning discussion, talk about limiting the sugar and think about paying particular attention to artificial colours in smarties, M&Ms and candy because it can actually affect kids behaviour as much or more than the sugar.

Also remember that sugar depresses the immune system for hours. I very typically have a lot more clients reach out during the lead up and for a little bit after Halloween because the family comes down with something - a cold or flu that then circulates around the family. So talk about trading up the food - as in being the Pumpkin Fairy, or Switch Witch. To do this, kids give up their loot for something better, like a toy or gadget that they’ve had their eye on for a while or a new book, even a gift card works. You’ll quite often find that if the candy goes out of sight, it really does go out of mind too. 

Limiting sugar as much as possible really is key here. I know that it won’t seem the same without it, but why not make this year of change different all around,  shove out the usual Halloween sweets and treats and find something more useful, more fun and, of course, more healthy!

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