Reinventing Thanksgiving Leftovers

by Lianne Phillipson October 13, 2023

Reinventing Thanksgiving Leftovers

Sometimes, it feels like Thanksgiving leftovers are never-ending. But with a sprinkle of creativity, you can transform those remnants into exciting meals that will liven up your week!

1. Turkey Quesadilla: This delightful finger food is perfect for any meal. Combine diced turkey, corn, adzuki beans, torn spinach, and grated cheese between two wraps for a quick and scrumptious treat. You can also incorporate other leftovers – think roasted sweet potatoes or squash with a hint of cinnamon.

2. British-Style Pot Pie: Overflowing with rich gravy and veggies, this one-pot meal is an indulgence, especially for those who seldom enjoy pastries. For a healthier twist, opt for filo pastry or a blend of leftover mashed sweet and white potatoes. This offers a lighter alternative to the traditional fat-rich shortcrust pastry.

3. Open-Faced Turkey Sandwich with Caramelized Onions: Open-faced sandwiches are a staple in our household. Drenched in gravy and accompanied by side trimmings, it's like experiencing Thanksgiving all over again, only often more flavorful. Ensure you toast the bread and spread a light layer of butter before adding gravy, so the bread remains firm. Top it up with veggies, steamed broccoli, and a dollop of cranberry sauce, and you're good to go.

4. Turkey Tacos: Tacos are always a hit, especially with kids. Revive your leftover turkey by mixing it with tomato sauce and Mexican seasoning. Top it off with the usual suspects: salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, and some hot sauce for those who enjoy a kick.

5. Stock and Turkey Noodle Soup: Now's the time to pull out that sizable stockpot. Turn those bones, water, onion, carrots, and celery into the foundation of a flavorful stock. Enhance it with leftover herbs from your stuffing. After simmering the stock for around 24 hours, you have the choice of freezing it or morphing it into a heartwarming turkey noodle soup. If you end up with an abundance, freeze portions to warm up during the chilly winter months. For an immediate serving, stir in a tablespoon of miso paste for added depth and nutrition. Remember, don't boil after adding miso to preserve its valuable nutrients.

With these culinary inspirations at your fingertips, approaching that overflowing post-Thanksgiving fridge becomes a delightful adventure. Bon Appétit!

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