myFM: Parents with picky eaters - sneak veggies in!

by Lianne Phillipson October 04, 2023

myFM: Parents with picky eaters - sneak veggies in!

It’s time to take back the dinner table from your picky eater! 

Trying to feed a picky eater can leave you wanting to run for the hills at mealtime. It’s frustrating, soul sucking, and downright exasperating. All you want is for your kid to eat the healthy food that you put in front of them. 

But no, they have other ideas. Flat our refusal, spitting it out or throwing it on the floor for the dog. It can start early, before too many words are spoken. It can hit around the terrible 2’s, at the start of school and beyond.  

What on earth is a parent to do? 

I want to share 3 ways of coming at this:

  1. Make mealtime fun in ways that get kids to eat without pressure. Use some theatrics, clever ways, and easy games to get even a few veggies down the hatch.Upside-down-bowl-night, for instance, gets everyone excited about what’s to come. I’ll show this top, fun trick that families have used for years. 
  2. Parents need to look at the role they’re playing in this. The ‘short-order-cook’ syndrome, for instance, is shooting themselves in the foot when they cave and bring out the food cheese, yogurt, bread or whatever else they’re going to eat. I’ll share ways to turn this around so kids know the kitchen isn’t a 24/7 drive-thru. 
  3. Keep them healthy despite the pickiness. I’ll share clever ways to get nutrients into your kid(s) while you’re dealing with the behaviour and challenges of feeding a picky eater. Where to hide veggies, what doesn’t taste ewww, and how to talk to them about why they need to eat the broccoli. 

If you need back up while you work through these behaviours, you can fall back on the Picky Eater Boost bundle of my supplements (and they’re just as appropriate for picky adults too). 

Listen to segment below!

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