myFM: Embracing the Empty Nest: A Guide to Savvy Solo Dining

by Lianne Phillipson October 19, 2023

myFM: Embracing the Empty Nest: A Guide to Savvy Solo Dining

As autumn ushers in a new university term, many parents, myself included, confront a quieter home and a fridge still brimming with family-sized provisions. Transitioning from feeding a full nest to just one can be a journey, but it's an opportunity for culinary exploration and reducing waste.

1. Rethink Bulk Buying: It might be time to swap those warehouse store hauls for more frequent, smaller trips to your local supermarket or farmers' market. Instead of that oversized cereal box or colossal olive oil bottle, opt for quantities you can use before they spoil. It’s both eco-friendly and budget-smart.

2. Master the Art of Freezing: Crave those hearty family dinners? No problem! Prepare your cherished recipes, then portion and freeze the leftovers in glass containers. Voilà, ready-to-reheat meals for those evenings you’d rather skip the kitchen performance.

3. Get Creative with Leftovers: Those bits of cheese lingering in the fridge? Transform them into a delicious soup, a vibrant frittata, or a crispy quesadilla. It’s about maximizing flavor while minimizing waste.

4. Discover Fresh Recipes: Embrace your new dining dynamics by exploring websites tailored to empty nesters. They’re treasure troves of recipes offering single servings or meals perfect for two.

5. Downscale Your Cookware: If your large saucepans and baking sheets now seem cavernous, consider investing in smaller cookware suitable for your current needs. It's about making your cooking experience more efficient and enjoyable.

6. Relish the Moment: Gone are the days of dinner table hustles. Now’s your chance to indulge in more intricate recipes, invite friends for intimate gatherings, or simply savor the peace. Relish the art of cooking at a leisurely pace.

Remember, this life stage isn't just about embracing quieter moments and less laundry. It's a vibrant chapter brimming with opportunities for self-discovery, novel hobbies, and, yes, exciting culinary adventures. Here's to relishing your well-earned "me time" and reinventing the dining experience!


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