myFM: Parasites 101

by Lianne Phillipson June 07, 2023

myFM: Parasites 101

As cottage season starts up and everyone is jumping in the lake (cold plunge, anyone?), what could you pick up as you dive in? Parasites, bacteria, and bugs live everywhere, and some,likeBlastocystis hominus,Cryptosporidium,Dientamoeba fragilis, andGiardia lamblia, are a bit more common if you know much about parasites or have been sick before, butRhinosporidium seeberi that when coming into contact with the nose, according to Wikipedia makes you never want to go underwater again. 

Barbecuing those burgers to not quite cooked temperature is a playground for parasites that can truly make you sicker than you realize. 

Over 70% of parasites are microscopic, but 30% can be visible. And parasites can live in you for up to 50 years! Eek! 

How do you know you have them? Pretty clear symptoms, like diarrhea, but then there’s a whole list that I go through in episode 161, like gas and bloating, grinding teeth, cough at night, putting on weight, fatigue, migraines, vision issues, eye floaters, eye twitches, brain fog, food cravings, iron deficiency anemia that shows as low ferritin, allergies, sleep issues, behavioral issues, mental health and illness from anxiety to depression, feeling like your skin is crawling (outside of this conversation), noises coming from your colon, pinching feeling in your belly (which is really your colon), IBS - diarrhea or constipation, you’re always hungry, sugar cravings, heart palpitations, dermatitis, joint pain, muscle pain, bed wetting, night sweats, anal itching, cysts like ovarian cysts in women, and tumors.A parasitic infection can be linked to an allergic reaction or cancer.Your food allergy could have an underlying cause of parasites. 

There are also autism, ADD/ADHD and behavioral disorders, depression, schizophrenia, ALS, MS, Chronic fatigue syndrome, neurodegenerative illnesses, and specifically toxoplasmosis that can lead to increases risk behavior, so less prone to common sense. If you have a cat, toxoplasmosis is likely. If you have a dog, you could have worms. 

Inflammation is an underlying side effect of the immune system trying to keep the parasites at bay and inflammation not only is linked to just about every disease going, but also mental health issues like depression. 

Prevention and dealing with these buggers. 

A strong immune system is the only way to go—a healthy gut, recognizing where your issues are, and dealing with them. Deal with your indigestion, put in good bacteria from probiotics, and try Artemisia Intrnisic, which is just back in stock on, but slowly. 

If you’re traveling, taking specific probiotics, digestive enzymes like HypoZymase, and even GB-40, a Physica Energetics product, can help prevent taking any on. 

Cleaning up your diet, removing sugar and processed foods, and increasing fiber-rich foods from the plant kingdom are needed so your body can expel them on its own is step one. The rest, you might need help with.  

Listen to segment below!

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