myFM: Understanding Varicose Veins: Causes and Natural Remedies

by Lianne Phillipson May 31, 2023

myFM: Understanding Varicose Veins: Causes and Natural Remedies

Varicose veins, characterized by twisted, enlarged, dark purple or blue veins below the waist, can be a source of discomfort and pain. While they are commonly associated with the legs, the underlying causes can extend beyond mere circulatory issues. Today, we will explore the factors that contribute to varicose veins, as well as discuss natural remedies to alleviate the symptoms.

Veins act as the pipelines responsible for returning blood back to the heart. When functioning optimally, they ensure efficient blood flow throughout the body. However, various factors can weaken the integrity of these vessels, leading to the development of varicose veins. According to Dr. Davis Brockenshire, a Functional Medicine Expert, on Episode 162 of the Eat This with Lianne podcast, the liver and gallbladder can become compromised due to excessive medication use, alcohol consumption, caffeine intake, and an unhealthy diet. As a result, the vein tissues weaken, especially when combined with prolonged periods of standing, as observed among professionals such as nurses.

Several lifestyle factors can exacerbate the development of varicose veins. Inadequate sleep, poor dietary choices, smoking, and chronic stress can deplete essential nutrients like vitamin C, which plays a crucial role in maintaining tissue health, including collagen production. When collagen levels decrease, the integrity of vein tissues is compromised, setting the stage for varicose veins to develop.

To address varicose veins and alleviate their symptoms, incorporating certain natural remedies into your routine can be beneficial.

What can you do? You need to increase your vitamin C and bioflavonoids - you’ll find those in my Take This by Lianne Alka C. Herbs, horse chestnut seed, and butcher's broom both are important for this too. There’s another herb called Canadian stone root is a helpful herb if you have both varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Take Collagen, you’ll find that in the Anti-Aging Package on along with some detoxification and liver support from NAC

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