myFM: Weight loss after summer

by Lianne Phillipson September 15, 2021

myFM: Weight loss after summer

So, the non loungewear is maybe feeling a bit tight after a summer of patios and barbecues. Well deserved! But if you want to get back to your svelte self or you feel that you’d really rather lose a few pounds for whatever reason and what you’ve tried isn’t working, I just did a couple of episodes that are worth a listen. Author of a new book Supersize Lies came on and broke down some of the false or outdated ways of dieting and thinking that losing weight fast is going to keep your long term goal a reality. 

Then to go a bit deeper, Samantha from Sam Core Trainer came on to talk about the best type of exercise that you need to do to actually lose weight and get your metabolism on fire! That's what you want, as you sit at your desk or watch a show you’ve been binge watching, for your metabolism to be working takes muscle tissue. And that takes resistance or weight training. Before you say no way, listen to episode 83 to learn what you can do while you’re in the kitchen to work your muscles, create stability and core strength while you chop your veggies. 

Check out episodes 82 and 83 for research into why diets don't work and also the type of exercise that you need to do to actually lose weight. 

Segment coming soon!

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