myFM: support your body during exercise

by Lianne Phillipson January 12, 2022

myFM: support your body during exercise

Thinking about upping your exercise now that the new year is here? There’s the pain that you get when you first start lifting weights or even doing yoga – that’s the inflammation from a buildup of lactic acid in your muscles, and often takes a couple of painful days to clear. 

A concept to think about is that when you work out, exercise creates what’s called oxidative stress and inflammation and that needs to be dealt with on a cellular level with a boat load of antioxidants to negate its negative affects. Exercise is healthy, but there’s the flip side that needs support and essentially healing your muscles after you put the weights down or fold up your yoga mat. 

Approaching exercise drinks and foods differently, focusing on supporting your body as you refuel and negate the oxidative stress gives you the double whammy of goodness for your efforts. 

How to do that? As I said, antioxidants are essential, so all of the below focuses on colourful foods and superfoods while refueling the energy expended during your workout. 

Pre workout: carbs combined with fat are excellent; try a de-seeded mejool date with ½ tsp coconut oil. That’s my go-to. Coconut oil gives fast energy and slows down the carb release for sustained energy. 

During workout:water or water mixed with my Take This by Lianne superfood powder Kid Boost, or cooled green tea for extra antioxidants.

Post workout refueling and antioxidants:

  • smoothie; loaded up with chia seeds, protein powder, berries;  blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, dark cherries and oat or almond milk. 
  • banana and almond butter for a speedy post workout snack. 
  • manuka honey (anti inflammatory - less pain after workout) drizzled on yogurt and granola with berries
  • salad with handfuls of spinach, sweet potato and served with antiinflammatory salmon
  • handful of nuts and seeds with dark chocolate 
  • matcha latte with coconut/almond milk
  • Handful of berries; blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, dark cherries with a side of eggs; omelet, poached, boiled or fried sunny side up

Making the most of your workout doesn’t only happen in the gym or on the mat. It’s also about what you do before and after. Max out on the health benefits of movement and strength training with these tips and foods and let me know what works best for you! 

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