myFM: how do you know if you're healthy?

by Lianne Phillipson January 19, 2022

myFM: how do you know if you're healthy?

If you’re not counting calories, weighing yourself or inches loss, what can you look out for to tell you if you’re ‘doing better’?

From the outside in, can you tell that you’re ‘healthy’? 

From my #BeIntentional series on EAT THIS with Lianne, knowing more about yourself, how your body works, or where it needs help is an in depth or crystal ball like look into how you’re doing. DNA testing is a way to know what your genetics look like, but the real secret sauce is in the analysis of your genes. While you might not know that you have the start of heart disease because you can’t see it or feel it, DNA testing will show what you need to know, and how you can mitigate or support that gene expression. Knowledge is power when it comes to health and that’s knowing yourself best first. 

I spoke with founder and CEO of The DNA Company, which you can check out at for $50 off your own test, and stay tuned to EAT THIS with Lianne as I’ll be going over my test results once they are in and use myself as an example or guinea pig so we can all see and understand why I had every Covid symptom written about as opposed to one of my daughters who had hardly anything. Is that genetics? I think so, but we will see. 

As for the top look-in-the-mirror at-home assessments, it helps but isn’t fully reliable. To see if you’re ‘healthy’ may not show Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease for instance, but a protruding belly and knowing that you drink pop are indicators. Yes, clear and vibrant skin, deep sleep without interruption is good, a digestive and elimination system that has you peeing often, with easy, non-smelly, complete bowel movements are also good, does it mean that you aren’t predisposed to colon cancer. 

Audio coming soon!

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