myFM: RDA of supplements

by Lianne Phillipson April 06, 2022

myFM: RDA of supplements

Nutrition guidelines like the Canada Food Guide and recommended daily intake of macros like fat, carbs, and protein as well as specific nutrients like B vitamins and minerals like calcium, chromium, magnesium, and iron are all updated about every 10 years. Although the last update was onMay 27, 2016, the FDA updated the regulations to change the RDI and Daily Values to reflect current scientific information values that are still largely based on the 1968 RDAs. On the Canada website, the last update was 2010 to that web page so we are working with old values that could seriously do with an overhaul. 

The biggest thing to understand is that these values are there to hopefully keep you from disease or injury like enough vitamin D to not end up with rickets, or vitamin C to not get scurvy. 

Getting optimal amounts to support the function of the body with the levels of stress that we live under now is NOT a part of any RDA, RDI, DV, or otherwise. For people who are deficient in vitamin D for instance, the typical recommendation is to take 1000iu a day. Well, that’s just about going to keep you out of deficiency, NOT correct it, and bring your levels up to where they need to be. Also remember that a blood test is a measurement of what’s in your blood, not in your cells. That’s for a whole other segment, but it gets you thinking if nothing else! 

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