myFM: why take this?

by Lianne Phillipson March 30, 2022

myFM: why take this?

Heading into a health food store aisle lined with supplements can be intimidating. You know you need magnesium to help you sleep or give you energy, or zinc for the white marks on your fingernails and for your immunity, but which one should you hand over your hard-earned cash for, and which is actually going to work? 

The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and while I’ve been working with various companies during my almost 25-year career in health and nutrition, even I got frustrated with what was on offer. So much so I started my own supplement line - Take This By Lianne. 

The seven products are foundational to all functions and cellular health. Each and every cell in your body has a job to do and needs specific nutrients to make it all happen. 

For instance,Kid Boost (also calledSkin Boost) is a superfood powder that helps protect cells from damage and deals with inflammation, with all the antioxidant superfood powders in it. ThenAlka C is a vitamin C that helps cells repair - so like your high blood pressure and high cholesterol that’s showing damage in your arteries, or your scratch or burn on your arm is taking a long time to heal. Bring on the vitamin C with added minerals. Then your cells need good fats, so that’s theOmega Boost with high EPA to deal with inflammation and DHA for your mood, memory, focus, and mental health. Probiotics for immunity, also to help your brain as the gut is your second grain and they’re connected, needs feeding daily as with every bowel movement we lose billions of good bacteria -Bio Boost has you covered.Cell Mins give all 12 minerals that are needed in every bone, cell structure, organ, and system.Adult Boost is for anyone who likes the multivitamin and mineral in one. The bioavailability of the vitamins and minerals makes its impact far greater than the usual one a day.Sunshine D3+K2has five stars onfor a reason. The taste is number one, but under that is it’s effectiveness and superior absorbability because the spray absorbs in your mouth so no matter what your gut is doing, it gets in, and also the K2 with the D3 increases absorption and helps it get to where it needs to go (receptor sites). 

Episode 109 of EAT THIS with Lianne has been a gamechanger for so many of my loyal listeners as I went into much of the why of my supplement line, and I’ve continued that conversation on YouTube and Sprout Right’s and Lianne Phillipson’s social media channels. 

Audio coming soon!

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