myFM: Are air fryers healthy??

by Lianne Phillipson April 13, 2022

myFM: Are air fryers healthy??

It seems like the holy grail of creating crispy anything that you’d like to have usually deep-fried, right? Is the answer to higher oil and fat prices, consuming less calories and being healthy? 

Well, not exactly. 

If you want to air fry your sweet potato fries, then that’s a great option. Any food with protein and fat that’s cooked at high temperatures creates carcinogenic chemicals. There I said it. So, no it’s not healthy. Yes, that means your wings, your nuggets, your steak, and even tofu (which contains protein) are a no in the air fryer. So what’s the point? I’m not sure myself. The calorie consumption is less, so that’s a plus. But not only is cooking food at high heat, fast like in a microwave, not your best option but there’s also some research that oil, even your two tablespoons, at high heat is toxic. Do you turn on your extractor fan, open a window or have your air fryer next to the barbecue? Likely not. Burnt oil in the air is toxic to breathe in, and then it’s a double whammy to consume that food. 

Overall: It’s a better option than deep-frying BUT not for any protein or fat-rich food. If you do on the ODD occasion make your wings, let’s say, then make sure that you take a shot or two of Kid Boost Superfood powder as the antioxidants help to negate all bad fats, bad air, and what it does to your cells. Air Fryer or not, it’s a healthy option. 

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