myFM: On the go snacks

by Lianne Phillipson January 25, 2023

myFM: On the go snacks

How did you feel yesterday, can you recall? Energy stable? Were you able to go for more than three hours without needing a coffee or something to eat? That afternoon crash and NEED for something to get you through without a nap is a strong feeling that is hard to ignore. 

Being metabolically flexible is a topic that I talked about in episode 147, the first podcast of 2023, and one that is an important conversation. 

The best way to break a habit is to see it and adjust to do something else. So let’s say you have the nighttime munchies. Change what you’re doing at night, and go for a walk instead of sitting on the couch and see how you feel. Brush your teeth earlier than right before bed, and find a cup of tea that you like to have instead of the snack tray. Also start to eat more protein and fat at breakfast. Munchies at night often happen when you haven’t started the day off with a fibre, protein, and fat-rich breakfast like avocado toast. 

Writing out a food diary to see what you’re eating, when those energy crashes come, is helpful to see the pattern of how food is impacting your energy levels. 

What to have on hand at your desk:

  • Nuts and seeds, and some dried fruit like raisins.
  • An apple or banana and nut butter of some kind; almond, peanut, pumpkin
  • Carrot sticks, and hummus or tzatziki (made with greek yogurt) 
  • Dark chocolate and almond butter bites
  •  Protein and fibre-rich bar 

Ditching the muffin or bagel for breakfast can impact your afternoon energy, and easing up on the carb-rich lunch, allows for more stable blood sugar too (more on that in episode 143 of EAT THIS with Lianne), and focusing on that blood sugar stability has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory (aka heart disease and pain), and steers you away from insulin resistance, diabetes, and dementia.

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