myFM: Don't fall for the fad diets

by Lianne Phillipson January 18, 2023

myFM: Don't fall for the fad diets

How are your intentions and resolutions playing out as we are in the second half of January? If you jumped on a diet bandwagon because your BFF lost 10 lbs., and the novelty is wearing off, I’d like to know if you were clear on why you decided to change your diet in the first place. 

People think that changing and following a cleanse, juice fast, or similar will reset their system. I’m here to tell you that while giving the body some time and space to breathe is a very good idea, it’s the long-term effort that is going to give you what you are likely looking for:

  • Weight loss overall 
  • Wear the clothes that are in your closet without them feeling tight
  • To fit into your favourite outfit/bikini or swim shorts for a trip
  • Healthy and overall glow of good health 
  • Energy throughout the day without headaches/crash/terrible sleep/pain or similar unwanted symptoms

Diets that fall into the fad category include intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, vegan, carnivore, and the potato diet, these, except for the last one, are more lifestyle eating choices that can be incorporated if you need guidelines to follow. 

The Mediterranean diet is once again the number one way of eating for preventing disease, dealing with disease, and healthy diet. 

You need a diet that is right for you, to balance blood sugar, to include more plants, and sure, you can go vegan for a couple of weeks or a month, but why put yourself through the pain of an overnight switch, but incorporate some of these ways and see how you feel on your way there. 

Listen to segment below!

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