myFM: Can you exercise away your belly fat?

by Lianne Phillipson February 01, 2023

myFM: Can you exercise away your belly fat?

You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet. 

Belly fat is often the visceral fat that surrounds your internal organs, and is the most dangerous. It’s the number one cause of ageing, increasing risks of blood clots that lead to heart attack and stroke. It drives inflammation and releases its own hormones, drives insulin resistance (when your cells don’t respond and allow energy to be stored within the cell and so more and more insulin is produced) can change your brain chemistry that is linked to dementia and Alzheimers and often called insulin resistance of the brain. In short, this belly fat can mess you right up, and can seriously be a driving factor for premature death. 

One of the contributors to belly fat is liquid calories.Sugar calories are bad and liquid sugar calories are worse because there is no fibre surrounding them and sugar, glucose, and fructose is quickly absorbed. There’s 75% of high fructose corn syrup in your pop, and the glucose or fructose in your morning juice just spiked your blood sugar which creates a spike in insulin. And that creates the flood into your bloodstream into your cells, that can’t get in there, so it goes right into your belly fat cells, it doesn’t go into your butt or arm or your ear lobe, it goes right into your fat stores.

Eating a processed, white, and packaged food diet is huge with belly fat. Stress is another factor, right along with a lack of sleep as they drive your cortisol levels up which leads to belly fat. 

What can you do? 

Change your diet to whole foods, anti-inflammatory, phytonutrient rich, protein-rich, high fibre, high-quality fat diet. Time-restricted eating can also help so listen to Intermittent Fasting episode 80 and get yourself from a 12-hour fast up to 16 hour fast by pushing it by 30 - 60 minutes a day while ditching anything in a bag, that has a barcode or box. Only whole foods, get that protein and fat like olive oil, avocado, nuts, and seeds with every mouthful, and consider a glucose monitor. Listen to episode 149 for more on all this and my experience so far with a Flash Glucose monitor. 

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