myFM: Food for arthritis

by Lianne Phillipson September 28, 2022

myFM: Food for arthritis

Listener question: can diet/certain foods help with arthritis? Or if certain foods can make it flair up and we should avoid them.  

You’re right to think that there are foods that can make arthritis flare up as well as help with arthritis. Let’s break this down. 

First of all, listen to episode 127 on Pain and hear what Functional Medine Expert Dr. Davis Brockenshire said about taking pain meds, and how they can actually make pain in situations like arthritis WORSE! 

Food plays an impact on more levels than I have time to share here. Following an anti-inflammatory diet that totally ditches foods that create inflammation is the way to go. Gluten, dairy,sugar, and starch are all inflammatory foods. If I just listed your daily intake, you know you have work to do.The gluten connection can is that gluten intake can actually trigger leaky gut, which again triggers that whole process of inflammation in the body. The same for dairy which is the number one food allergy on the planet. Getting off processed foods of all kinds, ditch the sugar, dairy, and gluten, and you will be amazed at how good you can feel. 

That might feel like you’re about to starve yourself, so know that eating whole foods, like real foods, a plant-rich, that includes good fats, and an omega 3 supplement like Omega Boost from is the way to go. If you need a diet to follow, it’s The Mediterranean diet all the way with vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, seedsherbs, and spices. Then there’s animal protein from fish, seafood, some poultry, and the superfood extra virgin olive oil.Include superfoods and colourful foods like berries, beets, and even dark chocolate can be your friend (read the label for sugar content). Kid Boost from Take This by Lianne was designed for this exact purpose - so you protect your cells and they act like when they were a kid, lessening inflammation and damage to cells. Add in Omega Boost, Bio A Curcumin for anti-inflammatory effects, and a probiotic. 

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