myFM: Medicinal mushrooms

by Lianne Phillipson September 21, 2022

myFM: Medicinal mushrooms

The kingdom of mushrooms is just that, their own forest of fungi growing what is touted to be the most impactful on health. Medicinal mushrooms can help support your immunity, and gut health,improve overall wellness, energy, and endurance, fight depression and anxiety, rebalance the gut microbiome, lower inflammation, boost memory, productivity, and concentration, support immunity, help you sleep, promote longevity, and so much more. 

As well as eating an abundance of mushroom varieties every week, I have four in my rotation right now. Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga. I start my day with Chaga along with my Take This by Lianne Kid Boost superfood powder for super powerful antioxidants, some say Chaga has the highest of all antioxidants. It helps digestive health and helps protect cells, aging, and recovery with its antioxidant boost and supports immunity as an antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-cancer effect. Lions Mane, the brain-busting variety for focus, and concentration, and overall anti-inflammatory effects.  If I need energy – who doesn’t – then I add in Cordecyps. 

Not all are found to eat, so you need to find powders, capsules, or tinctures. Head to GiddyYo for 20% off their tinctures when you use code EATTHIS at check out.

Listen to audio below! 

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