myFM: Cut your grocery costs

by Lianne Phillipson January 11, 2023

myFM: Cut your grocery costs

Prices are going up, and there’s not that much interesting produce around, so what are you to do with a head of romaine lettuce that blows your budget in one Caesar salad? 

Streaming something on TV the other day, and a deep-fried Chicken sandwich and Fries popped up for $5.99 that got me thinking about the mention of two chicken breasts at Loblaws for something like $27.00 on Twitter late last week that went viral. With all the talk of yearly food bills going up, it could be tempting to go for those less healthy options and sacrifice your health. 

How about 5 ways to keep healthy choices top of mind: 

  1. Just because the usual greens aren’t in season, there is plenty of cheap and cheerful spinach in bunches or baby versions out there to max out in salads, throw it into smoothies, or wilt it and throw it on your plate as a side with some soy sauce and sesame seeds. 
  2. Frozen can be your new BFF. Keeping frozen broccoli, peas, green beans, corn, and even spinach to add greens to meatloaf, homemade burgers, or soup. Frozen fruit too, for smoothies, and bowls, to blend with yogurt and cottage cheese. 
  3. Use up what’s in the fridge by adding to a soup or throwing the last bits of peppers, carrots, and anything else that’s left around into a quesadilla and gluing it together with cheese. 
  4. Buy a whole chicken and use it ALL. From a whole chicken, you can roast it, pull off all the meat to use leftovers in a pasta dish, or in a wrap for lunch the next day. Keep all the bits and bones and simmer those bones into a broth for a lovely soup base, or to make a baked risotto. I have a fast recipe in my book Sprout Right Family Food that’s perfect for this time of year. 
  5. Tinned fish is a great way to not only make speedy meals, but get those omega 3s into you. There are companies out there who are checking for contamination, so look into those as your go-to. 

Meals made at home needn’t break the bank or your budget, so you can use these tips and recipes from my book Sprout Right Family Food to stay on the healthy train and balance the budget at the same time. 

Listen to the segment below!

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