myFM: Cooking Together

by Lianne Phillipson February 08, 2023

myFM: Cooking Together

Leading up to Love day, how about we talk about falling back in love with eating healthy-for-your-body foods? 

When was the last time you grabbed a bag of something crunchy or a sugary-filled treat, thinking that it would give you the feel-good boost you need, arguing with yourself that it’s good for you like you’re taking care of yourself? I’ve been there too, and I know it doesn’t work. 

What if this valentines day, you seek out foods that are feel-good foods that give your body the self-love that it needs, and you get a more profound boost because of the nourishment that you’re intentionally choosing? 

What might that look like? 

  1. Cooking for yourself or a loved one. Taking the time to make a home-cooked meal is one of the most nourishing things you can do. You can infuse the meal with love; you can take your time, put on music, pour a glass of bubbly water or drink, and create an atmosphere of love making a tasty and healthy delight. Even if you’re not confident in the kitchen, the effort shown will be a win-win.
  2. Add chocolate. Food of the gods, and in the DARK, not sugary milk version, chocolate can go everywhere like grated into your spaghetti sauce, to pieces on a vibrant charcuterie board, drizzled over a bowl of strawberries, pomegranates, and raspberries. 
  3. Oysters, the most famous aphrodisiac food, is a process unto themselves. Shucking them (search YouTube for how-to), dressing them, and having them all to yourself or sharing with a friend is a protein and immune-supportive, zinc-rich boost for your body. 
  4. Almonds were whatSamson wooed Delilah with, so you’re in good company. Have this fibre and magnesium rich snack with some dark chocolate, put a pile on that beautiful charcuterie board or have as a snack while you prep dinner. They are also high in essential fats, so help your hormones too. 
  5. Along with oysters, figs are thought of as pretty sexy in appearnance and texture. Apparently they ywere Cleopatra’s fave food, so again, you’ll be in good company.

No matter what you choose to make or eat, stop for a moment and be sure that you’re choosing the most loving option for yourself or whoever you’re sharing a meal with.

Listen to segment below!

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