myFM: Winter symptoms

by Lianne Phillipson December 29, 2021

myFM: Winter symptoms

Despite the obvious holidays, flus, colds and viruses flying around there are other symptoms that you can suffer with because it’s winter. 

Dry skin - hydration is key. Water, herb teas and black coffee are all hydrating. Then there’s oils and fat that are needed. Oils like hemp oil, flax oil, and fish oils not only help your mood, energy and metabolism, but dry skin. Omega Boost is the way to go for the triple effect here, but do add in some seed oils too. 

Tiredness and low mood- the lack of sunlight can affect your energy and even mood. Use the Red Light and NIR light that I talked about in Episode 99 of EAT THIS with Lianne as a tool to boost energy, blood flow and get some mood enhancing red light on the case. 

Craving carbs- yep, the more you eat, the more you want. Choose your carb and add in protein and fat right next to it. Toast? Almond butter and fruit spread or mashed banana. Crackers? Add in hummus, guac or tzatziki to your plate. 

Lack of motivation - hibernation is a mode that is real, and not feeling motivated can be one of them too. Write a list of what your intentions are for the next day, before you sleep. How you want to feel, what you’ll eat, and your to-do’s. 

Managing the winter takes thought and planning. This is no different to any other time, so stay on the self care wagon. 

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