myFM: What's your body up to?

by Lianne Phillipson February 01, 2022

myFM: What's your body up to?

Let’s talk about ways to get a sneak peek into what your body had planned and is up to. 

Lately, we talked about knowing how you’re progressing, and if your efforts are helping. How about a bit of x-ray vision and going deeper. In the past few weeks in my #beintentional series on EAT THIS with Lianne, I’ve talked about having DNA testing done and more recently, had Dr. Brockenshire, functional medicine expert on to talk about what your blood tests can tell you outside the ‘normal’ reference range. 

So many people say that they don’t feel right, but don’t quite know how to find out what’s at the root of the issue. 

Just two nuggets that Dr B shared: 

  • Did you know that chronic hip pain could be from anemia; low iron or even B12. Asking for your ferritin level to be checked on your blood test is the best indicator. 
  • Measuring sugar correctly and knowing glucose levels - fasting insulin is what you need to have results for and you’ll have a better understanding of where the disease of diabetes is. If fasting insulin is on the high end, it’s a sign of going down the path of type 2 diabetes. High insulin is also proinflammatory and proinfection. Knowing that can help you decide which insulin regulating diet will work best for you. 

There are many more gems in episodes 101 and 103, so you will know what’s really going on and how to intentionally make changes to diet and lifestyle.

Listen to segment below! 

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