myFM: Warm-you-up drinks

by Lianne Phillipson November 23, 2022

myFM: Warm-you-up drinks

The chill in the air, all the way to your bones makes those hot drinks that much more appealing. Hot chocolate is the drink of choice after a long snowy walk or a skate at the rink. From Caramel Creme Brulee to the classic peppermint hot chocolate averaging 500 calories, 56g sugar, or 14 tsp which equals 1/3 cup and 16g fat, it’s time to find a healthier option to not give yourself instant type 2 diabetes. If drive-thru Timmy’s is your go-to, you’ll get a hundred or so fewer calories, but about the same sugar. 

Let’s say you can’t do without your chocolate, I just made dark hot chocolate with 4 squares of ChocoSol’s vanilla sea salt chocolate, and hot water and blended it up. Dark chocolate is excellent for your mind, your mouth and magnesium. You could do that in a saucepan too. It’s not hard. Pour that into a thermos cup, and away you go. 

Other much healthier options: 

Bone Broth - add a spoonful of miso paste (don’t boil it), and it’s almost lunch but with gut healing, and immune-boosting benefits. 

Herb teas - that dry skin that you’re dealing with since the heat went on, well your body needs more hydration. And this is the perfect way to drink more water that will warm you up. 

Coffee alternatives - immune-boosting mushroom drinks, and liver-supportive dandelion root drinks like Dandy Blend both offer way more health benefits than the majority of  drinks from a coffee shop.
Matcha options - green tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Make a latte with almond or coconut milk (without sugar) and you’ll get that boost and feel satisfied. 

Include water in any form for hydration over the winter months, remember that signs of dehydration are dry skin including your lips, constipation, and a lack of energy. 

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