myFM: Gut Check

by Lianne Phillipson November 16, 2022

myFM: Gut Check

With November being Chrons and Colitis awareness month and knowing just how much IBD, IBS, and other gut issues affect health on every level, doing a gut check is worth it.  

Any issue with the gut needs to be addressed as it’s the highway to digesting the food that you’re eating, and then absorbing those nutrients. People say can’t we get all we need from food? Well, even if the food had all the nutrients, what you take in depends on your digestive system’s ability to break it down and absorb those nutrients. 

First place to look at is your diet and include food sensitivities; gluten, dairy, and sugar are the strongest, but also look at heavy metals. That’ll need more investigation. As well as taking out the most inflammatory foods grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, nightshades, eggs, and dairy, getting rid of the food additives, emulsifiers, and the things like carrageenan and other things that can cause damage to the gut lining is worth it to heal yourself. Finding out what bad gut bugs you have; parasites, fungus, bacteria, and dealing with that is needed. The most influential aspect of gut health is the gut microbiome and that’s imperative to get right. Both get rid of the bad bugs, but also populate with a variety of strains of probiotics. My Take This by Lianne Bio Boost has one strain, start there. Also on is HMF Intensive capsules which I use in any situation where someone’s gut is really unhappy. It has a profound effect. Ditching those processed foods and cooking ALL those vegetables and fruits is my advice to clients that come to me with these issues. It’s not a quick fix, but there is a way. 

There are many factors, but knowing that stress is one of the main factors in a flare up, you need to do all you can to mitigate that. My latest podcast episode 141 on Resilience is one to listen to help your stress response and resilience. Also, episode 65 about it all starts in the mouth are two great resources. 

Remember: the gut is called the second brain, so with that in mind, know that what is going on in your gut is going to affect cognition as well as mental health.

Listen to the segment below!

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