myFM: Men's Health

by Lianne Phillipson August 11, 2021

myFM: Men's Health

Guys, at what point do you go to the doctor? Alarm bells ringing or do you go to check on something niggly, or because something runs in the family? 

Men’s health is an important topic for men, and those who love them. 

Are you on cholesterol medication? Did you know that it can impact your testosterone. If you're losing muscle mass, losing hope, and you’re not having a morning erection at least once a week, it’s time to start digging. You could be burned out and adrenal exhaustion is at play here. 

Cholesterol meds, and low vitamin D can lead to low testosterone. Some guys buy testosterone online and inject it, but that can just lead to a swollen prostate and not help what you are trying to help. 

Prostate dysfunction 

Classic symptoms of prostate dysfunction are the inability to start urinating or stop, or it takes forever to urinate. The nighttime peeing can or may not be a part of this but if you’re not drinking a lot of water, and you’re waking a couple of times in the night, have your prostate checked. 

Erectile Dysfunction 

Over 50% of men 40 years old report erectile dysfunction. Dr B said that if you wake up with a morning erection once a week, your parts are working, your testosterone is working, and your prostate is working. If that’s not the case, have your hormones checked and prostate checked at the same time. ED can be the first sign of cardiovascular issues.

Foods to eat for your prostate and ED - stay away from sugar and processed foods, and interestingly that include peanuts! They shrink circulation. Pumpkin seeds improve it

Beets are incredible for circulation too. 


Listen to all the tips and what you need to be looking out for with men's health on episode 79 of EAT THIS with Lianne here.


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