myFM: Energy

by Lianne Phillipson August 04, 2021

myFM: Energy

Energy is defined asthe “strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity”. Well, that’s the definition to do with health of course.

We get our energy from multiple sources like what we eat, how we sleep, our emotions, exercise, there are so many ways to get that energy to help you get through the day, but where to start? 

For fast physical energy - there’s the short game and long game here. Long game is truly ditching the sugar and processed food. I know I say it a lot, but really it’s foundational and you can’t get away from it. Ever. If you need to ditch the sugar - listen to our most listened to episode with Barry Friedman in Episode 7. I’ve heard from loyal listeners that they got his book - I love me more than sugar, and followed it and have become sugar free. It can be done.We have physical energy but also non-physical energy that includes emotional and sexual energy–more that spidey sense and emotional energy. 

Emotions affect your health and also your energy. If you are in a constant state of fear, angry at your partner or your kids, you dread going to work every day and live for the weekends, your energy is being used there. That stress burn out and HPA Axis dysregulation that Dr Christine Matheson talked about in episode 72 is real.

Sexual energy and there’s two parts to this - having the physical energy for the physical act of love making and how your muscles in your legs, arms, abdomen all have to have the stamina within them, but then there’s that energy that you feel between you and your partner.

Why wouldn’t you want to have the most energy possible? Check out episode 77 for more. 

How to give you a boost; 

  • No it’s not red bull giving you wings but water could. Hydration is the number one way to boost your energy fast. Without the sugar and increased heart rate from the fizzy can of jet fuel. Drink an 8 oz glass of water and wait 10 minutes. That’s how long it takes for your Red Bull to hit your cells. 
  • Take a shot of B vitamins. I add in Liposome B Complex liquid to my Kid Boost and Alka C every day. It’s the B vitamins that are needed for energy production. 
  • Pop some magnesium Bis Glycinate. As I wrote this, I stopped to take some. 
  • Find an energy drink without much sugar. I was handed a Guru Organic Energy Drink the other day. Guess what I did first? Read the label to see how much sugar. One was the usual insane amount like 14 g which is just over 3 teaspoons. The one that I ended up taking had less than one - and had stevia in it. I tried a matcha and Yerba Mate-which contains guarana, a natural caffeine. I was impressed with both because I do not like typical energy drinks.  

The long game of having enough energy can’t be skirted by here - eating breakfast if you’re all over the place right now is crucial. Intermittent fasting can come later. Protein at breakfast - wholefoods including greek yogurt, eggs, oats, chia pudding - a recipe in my book 

Eating regularly and filling your plate with real foods are also key. 

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