myFM: Let's talk bread

by Lianne Phillipson January 20, 2021

myFM: Let's talk bread

This week’s EAT THIS with Lianne podcast is all about counting calories and asking the ever important question of: Are all calories equal? We had a myFM listener, Meaghan, send in a question that I know is on the minds of many. I thought I’d go deeper and look at not only that she can’t cut out bread or buns as meal options, but also about the impact on your metabolism. 

The suggestion to ditch bread (or wheat, or gluten altogether) is a common one. I suggest it quite often for my clients to see how they feel without. It helpsease gut issues of the bloated belly, gassiness, IBS, constipation and even diarrhea. It can ease inflammation of sore joints, headaches, cravings and way more. 

Side note: If you do want to ditch the gluten, remember that when you are ready to give it a go, set a time to your experiment. Don’t think that it’s forever because it doesn’t have to be. You do need at least two weeks to see a difference, and you’ll definitely know after a month. 

Eating refined calories like white bread (or any bread without whole grain at the front and centre), can slow down how your body uses the carbs as energy by half. That means you’ll store more of your bread calories as fat. Not ideal, right? 

First, let’s talk about the healthiest bread options if you just can’t ditch it. 

  1. Sprouted Grain Bread. Grains have a protective coating and when they are soaked, their nutrients become more bioavailable. It also lowers the carb count to those calories and the slowing of your metabolism with refined, white foods becomes less of a concern here. Silver Hills is one that I’ve tried before and liked, so check that out first. 
  2. Sourdough. The sourdough craze of the pandemic was spot on with the healthiest option. Not only does the sourdough processreduce the number of phytates that bind to certain minerals and impair their absorption, it also ups the prebiotics that feed your good belly bugs, or microbiome
  3. Whole Grain Breads. Whole wheat, oat bread and any bread with both whole grains and seeds like flax are also a better option than white. 

Changing from sandwiches, crackers, pizza, or your morning toast to any of the above can give your body more nutrients that it needs, without the negative symptoms associated with gluten. Although sometimes, it does just need to go and finding gluten free options is best.

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