myFM: How to stick to a healthy diet

by Lianne Phillipson June 09, 2021

myFM: How to stick to a healthy diet

Today's topic for myFM came as a question from Chris. How do you stick to a healthy diet?

There are around 30% of people who say that they fail fast when it comes to dieting. I’m not surprised, dieting really doesn’t seem to be a long term or sustainable way of getting to where you want to be. Try these tips first and see if you have better stick-to-it-ness and success:

  1. Decide what your goal is - lose weight, feel better, sleep better, less aches and pains, reduce blood pressure, have glowing skin (no more acne), build stamina, or have more energy. It could be a bit of all of this, but focus on one or two and use that as your benchmark.
  2. Choose one thing and master it. I usually start in two places with my clients. First, drink more water. That’s it. For a week or two, drink 2L of water a day. No exceptions, no matter what else you drink that has to become a habit. 
  3. Next, focus on breakfast. Those evening and midnight munchies come from a crappy breakfast that doesn’t contain protein; eggs, smoothie with nut butter or protein powder (listen to episode 70 to choose the best protein powder), no donut, coffee only or muffin. That’ll have you on a rollercoaster of energy leading to needing a midnight snack. 
  4. Eat more plants. It’s a no brainer. Crowd out all the sugary stuff and if you eat regularly enough, don’t get hungry which has you running for the cookie jar, then you’ll have more success in the long run - in weight management and feeling good all day, all the time. 
  5. Manage your expectations on success. If you’re changing your lifestyle and doing things differently, it’s going to take time. And in the end, you’ll have far better results because it’s not a fast result that’s hard to maintain. 

Having your focus, one that is on eating regular meals, include half a plate or bowl’s worth of fruits or veggies, and the rest protein and a carb like sweet potato, and you’ll be amazed how easy you’ll find the weight come off, your skin clear, headaches vanish, bloating ease, your sleep improve, and have great energy all day long! 

Listen to segment below!

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