myFM: High blood pressure

by Lianne Phillipson April 27, 2022

myFM: High blood pressure

When you read a stat that 25% of the world’s population has it, which means out of the 7 billion of us on the planet 1 billion fall under this, let’s talk, shall we? In Canada, 1 in 5 people have high blood pressure or hypertension and from those who I talk to, they don’t think that it’s something that they will ever come back from. But it is possible, and not that hard. 

What isn’t being talked about is WHY and HOW you come to have it. Yes, hardening of the arteries, lowering your salt intake and high cholesterol is part of the conversation but it shouldn’t eat there. 

In episode 114 I asked everyone to assess their belly-fat, which is in a roundabout way a leading cause of hypertension. Can you see your toes? If not, it’s time that you did. Belly fat is its own powerhouse of hormones, toxins and can come from insulin resistance. What’s that? Listen to the episode for more, but basically it’s eating too much sugar, refined carbs, processed foods and not enough colourful produce and what I call real food - what came from the ground, a tree, or our animal kingdom or ocean that hasn’t met a deep fryer. 

Sleep apnea and poor sleep is another that’s not correlated enough in my opinion. Heard of mouth breathing? We talked about that on an episode and you need to hear that too. 

Inflammation drives much of this so are you able to absorb the vitamin D pills that you’re taking daily if your gut isn’t in good shape? Gluten sensitivity for instance causes issues and your gut bugs and microbiome plays a huge part too. Those probiotics that I talk about a lot, can really have an impact. Heavy metals, not enough vitamins and minerals on board like Magnesium Bis Glycinate taken (as 1:3 are deficient). I could go on but you just need to hear the episode as well as the list of supplements that I’ve put together for you, and why spend your $ on them.

Listen to the segment below! 



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