myFM: Feeding baby and BLW + formula refusal

by Lianne Phillipson May 04, 2022

myFM: Feeding baby and BLW + formula refusal

A self-serving question from myFM host Jamie about his son Jack today. All about Baby Led Weaning, feeding solids, and baby Jack’s refusal of drinking formula. 

The change from only feeding milk; breast milk or formula, is a daunting and fun stage at somewhere between four and six months of age. My number one advice is to take it slow and steady, expanding the foods offered every few days to check for sensitivities and allergies while expanding the palate. Mixing meat broth with all purees gives a long list of vitamins, minerals and fat. All help to heal a baby’s gut as weaning onto new foods happen simultaneously. 

The Hybrid Method of feeding encompasses the best of both worlds, nutrient packed puree and finger foods. That way, the nutrients, taste, flavour, and fibre are having an impact at the same time as encouraging self feeding. 

Refusing formula or a bottle are both common at any age or stage. As Jack is nine months now, finding the balance of easy-to-digest food like protein, fats, fruits and veggies is key. Offering egg yolk (more nutrients than the white), fish, meat broth along with colourful veggies, nut butters, quinoa, brown rice, lentils and even amaranth all offer a lot of what’s needed for healthy growth. 

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