myFM: colds, flus and viruses

by Lianne Phillipson December 14, 2022

myFM: colds, flus and viruses

We are in the thick of all kinds of bugs flying around and if you’re someone who is down, or caring for a loved one who is, there is more going on than the achey body, the fever trying to kill off whatever has invaded your body. Your defences are down in all respects, including emotionally. We don’t often talk about the emotional roller coaster that we are on as we cough through the night, trying to not wake our bed neighbour or household. While there is much physical support that you can offer your body, the emotional vulnerability is something to nurture just as much as drinking that broth to help break up the mucus in your chest and sinuses. 

In episode 144 of EAT THIS with Lianne, Dr B walks us through what happens to your body; the extra work of the kidneys for instance. 

Top tips to help get you through whatever you’ve got: 

Humidifier on full in the bedroom. Dryness and the discomfort in my nose, maybe even the dryness of my cough needed extra moisture further to what I can drink. 

Hot steamy showers with freezing cold at the end. As awful as it is to do this, I know that hydrotherapy is incredibly helpful.

Caster oil on my chest, back and face and heat. I’ve used my Orion Red and Near Infra Red light rather than the usual hot water bottle. It definitely helped my chest relax and my face and teeth didn’t hurt as much after having the light on my face for 20 minutes. 

Drinking a LOT. Herb teas, water with the homeopathic Rehydrate in it for maximum hydration. I’ve peed about 5 times a night which really just gave me something to do as I was awake coughing anyway.

Focusing on protein and broth. I have a little cast iron frying pan and would fry an egg, add leftover salmon and chopped up broccoli and put a lid on it. I wanted the egg runny, so this covered that. Soups with homemade Meat Broth and Immune Boosting Soup with mushrooms a-plenty in it (from my book Sprout Right Family Food). NO SUGAR. 

Sleep. I went to bed as early as 7 pm one night, and didn’t push it much past that. Rest during the day, if not sleeping. I used my Brain Tap, focused on breathing and put my eye black out mask on to ease my eye aches. 


Sunshine D3+K2 - 10 sprays twice a day

Alka C - 1 tsp in the morning and ½ tsp at night 

Adult Boost - 2 caps am, 2 pm 

Bio Boost - 12 caps each night (5 nights so far) 

Kid Boost - 1 scoop twice a day mixed with water and Alka C (+ Liposome B complex too) 

Real Mushrooms - 5 Defenders - 2 caps twice a day

Real Mushrooms - Turkey Tail - 2 caps twice a day

Giddy Yo - Chaga and Reishi tincture in warm water 

Physica HPA Axis - to support the stress my body is under

Physica Myrrh and Sambucus for coughs, mucus and respiratory health (special order if you’d like some, email here) 

Physica Magnesium Bis-Glycinate - 4 - 5 caps at night 

Quercetin - for my cough (learned that from Covid and Dr. B) 

The top 4 products are in the Immune Boost package and the rest are on 

Know that the emotions that you feel while your defences are down, need love, acceptance and support. As I talk about in this episode, it’s not always easy to ask. 

Listen to the segment below! 

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