myFM: Blood sugar balance

by Lianne Phillipson December 07, 2022

myFM: Blood sugar balance

If you think about your energy as a rollercoaster ride that takes you throughout the day, it’s easier to understand what exactly blood sugar is. It’s the rise and fall of the amount of glucose, carbohydrate or sugar in your blood. The body doesn’t just leave those carbs from that last snack, meal, can of pop or hot fancy drink in your blood, it stores it for use later – yes, as fat. 

The issue that I talked about in episode 143, is the spike that happens once you’ve eaten a cracker, cookie, brownie, croissant, slice of bread or toast, bowl of oatmeal or cereal, had a cup of coffee or tea with sugar, glass of juice in the morning, or anything from the carbohydrate kingdom, your blood sugar rises at different rates. The faster it goes up, the better your energy, mood, focus, concentration BUT the faster it crashes. 

What this rollercoaster can lead to is likely what you’ll be able to identify with. Symptoms like acne, hormonal imbalances like PMS, or worse, PCOS, the shortened term for polycystic ovarian syndrome, and even infertility. Then later in life, worsening menopause symptoms of anxiety, crazy hot flashes, dryness and weight gain. What about wrinkles? Do you have any of those or other signs of ageing? Yep, they are made worse by these glucose spikes. The more serious health concerns of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease and the obvious diabetes, insulin resistance, and dementia all stem from this, as well as a newer non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease. 

I shared 3 hacks in this episode and I’ll give you a quick one that you can do at your next meal now, but you’ll have to listen to the episode to hear the rest. 

NEVER eat a carb alone. That bread that comes to the table at a restaurant, dip it in oil. Add butter. That fancy coffee, have a protein or fat with it. Greek yogurt, cheese, chicken sandwich or an egg. NEVER eat a carbohydrate on its own. 

The other hacks are just as easy, so head to and episode 143 for more including supplements to help balance your blood sugar level. It can have a MASSIVE impact on every single aspect of your health, and life.  


Listen to the segment below!

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