How to avoid making resolutions

by Lianne Phillipson January 04, 2021

How to avoid making resolutions

Here are the top 3 things you can do to avoid resolutions and make changes in HABITS instead!

  1. Ditch the goods -check out Episode 41 of EAT THIS with Lianne to learn about the cookie jar gene. If you have it, get the temptation out of the house. If not, and you can do moderation, hide it from plain sight. 
  2. Crowd out the cookies with veggies -you do not know how tasty veggies are BEFORE your blood sugar crashes and you’re crabby. If you know that afternoon crash is part of your day, then eat at least half an hour before and make it a tasty munch of some lightly steamed or raw veggies. 
  3. Choose one thing - what is one choice that you can make that will improve your health more today than yesterday? One thing could be: go for a walk, drink 2L water, have less sugar in your tea/coffee, start the day with lemon water, go to be by 10pm… 

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Listen to the NewsTalk1010 segment with Jason Agnew here.

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