Back to School & Lunch Ideas For You Too!

by Lianne Phillipson August 22, 2019

Back to School & Lunch Ideas For You Too!

It’s that time again (I can hear the groan from here)! Time to think about packing school lunches every day for the next school year. I’m thinking that it might make you want to run and hide. 

How about something different this year? Take the pressure off and get your kids to make their own  lunch. Yes, it is possible, I promise. 

Did you know that 85% of kids who participate in preparing a meal are more likely to eat to eat the meal than not? This is for you, mom and dad. Get your kids involved in the process of making lunches. It’s never too early or late! 

While it might seem like it’s going to take a while to get them into the flow of making their own lunch, start this school year as you mean to continue. Here’s my step-by-step advice: 

  1. First, create a chart for kids to create their own lunch meal plan and include protein, carbohydrate, and load up on vegetables. 
  2. Download and print off these handy pages for both planning and feedback: Weekly Lunch Planner, Lunchbox Survey
  3. Have your child write down their wishlist lunch and discuss what’s healthy and going to keep them going, keep them focused or not. Those cookies, candy, and sweet treats are for home, not at school.  
  4. Have them choose a lunch bag and containers (including a thermal container for soup and hot food) and label them. 
  5. Incorporate leftovers into the lunch plan.


For younger kids around kindergarten to grade 6, know that they can get distracted, so small finger foods are a great option.

Here are some ideas:
  • Mini Frittata made in mini muffin tins, served with Beany Green Dip and Oatcakes
  • Toothpick skewers: mozzarella + cherry tomato + basil leaf, cheddar cheese +  apple + red pepper, feta cheese + grapes + cherry tomato + cube of ham
  • Salmon Burger patty in a mini pita filled with grated carrot, served with Hummus and sugar snap peas 
  • Greek yogurt,Crunchy Granolaand berries
  • Mini Blueberry Muffins
  • Go Faster Granola Bars made with pumpkin seed butter


From grade 7 onward, the cool factor needs to be taken into account and lunch needs to keep them from the fast-food restaurants as they have more freedom.

  • Veggie Pesto Pizza 
  • Corn Coconut and Ginger SoupwithRainbow Rice Wraps
  • Bean and Veggie Quesadilla

Snacks:Chocolate Chip Cookies

* Recipes for all bolded menu items above are taken from Sprout Right Family Food 


Don’t forget a drink, and a juice box doesn’t cut it. Most kids won’t remember to take a swig of water before the gym or game, so try to talk to them and have their favourite water bottle for them. Dilute juice in water or offer coconut water as the perfect sports drink.

Do your kids make their own lunch? If not, will you start this year? 

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