myFM: Tips for a Better Mood

by Lianne Phillipson February 10, 2021

myFM: Tips for a Better Mood

This week's topic comes from another listener question:

Tiffany - “I feel like I should be taking something to compensate for my lack of leaving the house”. She is juggling working from home and kids learning virtually and she’s not getting outdoors. She wonders if she’s missing something and what supplement to look at as she’s feeling drained and "meh" lately.  

I hear you, Tiffany. It’s a very difficult time right now and taking care of yourself is more important than ever. There are more demands on parents, and you’re right with the blah feeling setting in. It’s also February and we have more grey skies than usual. 

Top tips for a better mood

Before I get into what you can do, you asked about asupplement and my number one is vitamin D - but not just any D. An absorbable one that also has K2 in it to help the vitamin D get into the right parking spot. I have myTAKE THIS by Lianne Sunshine D3+K2 liposome spray for maximum absorption from a supplement. Don’t go light - I take 10,000iu per day. You can start with half that depending on if you’ve been taking it already or not. It can certainly help your mood too. The B vitamin family is also great for giving you a boost of energy to get you up and out of the house. Check out the Vitamin B Coenzyme Complex Liposome

Further to that, let’slook at your gut. I know, I know, seems like an odd place to go to feel better, but our gut is closely linked to our brain. There’s a thing called the gut-brain axis. So, taking a probiotic (like myTake This Bio Boost) gives some of the good bacteria that your microbiome and mood needs. Eat fermented foods like plain kefir or plain yogurt, or put sauerkraut or kimchi on the side of any meal. Add miso to broth or soup and drink kombucha instead of pop. 

Next, increase your intake of mood- and brain-supportive foods. These are the best mood-supportive foods so you can scribble down this list:

  • Avocados
  • Blueberry
  • Turmeric
  • Salmon
  • Spinach
  • Beans
  • Almonds
  • Dark chocolate 

If you can’t eat the salmon, try Take This by Lianne Omega Boost and Kid Boost for energy and brain supportive omega-3s.

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