myFM: The scary part of Halloween

by Lianne Phillipson October 19, 2022

myFM: The scary part of Halloween

We are talking Halloween early because I know you’ve seen the boxes of candies and chocolate bars for sale already, and if you’re one to get tempted, those little bars sure don’t feel as sinful as a full chocolate bar. Don’t be fooled! 

NEWS FLASH - eating sugar lowers immunity for hours, like 75g which is in two yogurts, a frappa whatever from the coffee shop with a cookie, or a pop or sports drink and four to five of those little bars lowers your immune response for five hours. Most of those little bars have two to three teaspoons of sugar and provide NO nutritional value. Scary stuff. 

Your white blood cells, part of the immune army, are affected and aren’t able to fight what comes at you. Sugar feeds the bad bugs in your gut that can make yeast symptoms rage; like vaginal itching or jock itch, athlete's foot, sinusitis, and urinary tract infections. A messed up microbiome can also throw off your mood and mental health. Your immune system keeps your skin issues like eczema in check. Keep fighting cancer cells, and inflammation protecting you from heart disease. Sugar drives up glucose and insulin levels, leading to packing on the pounds, especially around the middle – the worst place for fat storage. 

Immunity is not only about not getting a cold or flu, it’s integral to your long-lasting health. So the next time you think,I’ll just have one – which inevitably leads to two – think again.  


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