myFM: Taking Stock

by Lianne Phillipson June 22, 2022

myFM: Taking Stock

As summer starts, halfway through the year, how are you doing? I’m on myFM every week and you get to hear a whole bunch of information that can impact your health, but what to act on? Well, that depends on where you’re at and how do you know that? Do you notice every little symptom like dry eyes, that your toes tingle, your calves are stiff, not your quads… putting some focus on yourself is what I talked about in episode 122 and offered a version of my consultation intake form, what I share with clients who choose to work one on one with me, for you to take stock of yourself. Head to and download the self-assessment and see where you are at. Write out the food diary and see what your eating and drinking patterns are; what you’re eating as much as what you’re not eating. 

Then decide on your focus. If you’re constipated, focus on water. If you’re not sleeping well, go back and listen to episode 86 for tips on how to get a better night’s sleep. If your blood pressure is going up, episode 114 and listen; there’s gold in that one. If you realize you're drinking too much and know that the summer is only going to be more social and likely more of it, episode 30 takes you through what happens to your body when you drink, so you know how to support it. 

Taking a step back, and finding your focus helps lessen the overwhelm of all the information that’s coming at you, to be purposeful in your daily efforts. With over 120 EAT THIS with Lianne episodes, there’s so much in each episode that is amazing and can be demotivating at times when you don’t know where to start. Start with YOU and the self assessment tool at

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