myFM: Is your vitamin enough?

by Lianne Phillipson November 25, 2020

myFM: Is your vitamin enough?

When I was a kid, I had the Flintstone vitamin next to my glass of juice and maybe a chewable bright orange vitamin C next to it. Many families still do the same without realizing that the morning Flintstone vitamin, or modern day gummy, is not giving you enough of what you need and really is a morning sweetie to start your day. 

What makes a good quality vitamin? It’s bio-availability. In other words, can your body liberate or break down what’s in it and just how much are your body, cells and systems benefitting from it? Many big box, drug store, or supermarket brands use cheaper ingredients, binders and forms of vitamins and minerals. For instance, calcium oxide, a cheap form of calcium has an absorption rate of about 5 - 10% of what’s written on the label. It’s not a very absorption friendly form. So while you think that you’re taking enough for strong bones, the reality is that you’d need to take a handful of them to have a benefit. 

The second thing is are you actually taking enough? People I speak with in my free 15 minute HELP ME CHOOSE WHICH OF YOUR SUPPLEMENTS TO TAKE call, share with me how much vitamin D they are taking to support immunity for instance. And sometimes that’s one drop or one pill equaling 1000iu per day. Well, we are all 80% deficient in vitamin D because of where we live and the strength of sunshine for six months of the year, wearing sunscreen and genetics. 

More absorbable vitamins do cost more, this is where you get what you pay for. Take my Sunshine D3+K2 for instance. It is a liposome spray so absorbs mostly in the mouth and doesn’t rely on digestion, it contains vitamin K2 that helps the D find the parking spot in our body for it (also called a receptor site), and so you’re absorbing far more of it, and we all need that right now for our immune health, because it’s flu season on top of COVID, and your mental health and mood needs it too.

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