myFM: My Take on Cleansing

by Lianne Phillipson March 24, 2021

myFM: My Take on Cleansing

Springtime is more than just a spring clean around the house, this is when I start to see more posts about CLEANSING your body. As if you build up a bunch of toxins over the winter?! We do that each and every day. Even if we lived in a protective bubble your liver and kidneys have a lot to do every single day. What we put in our bodies can either help or hinder. 

Something that I talk to my clients about is drainage before cleansing. Thosehorrible symptoms of headache, body aches and that UGH feeling when you decide to do a cleanse of any kind (juice, water fast, dietary cleanse, etc.) - you start off feeling deprived then awful. And you basicallydump a whole load of garbage onto your detoxification systems that can’t keep up – hence the feeling crappy. 

Instead, think about the water that you’re drinking every day; is it filtered? Check out the H₂O episode that came out on Monday for more on that. Can you clean up your diet to include more organic produce? Less chemicals going in. Oh and we have a very generous giveaway at for a Berkey Water Purifier from Conscious Water in Collingwood. 

  1. First step is to put less into your body to detoxify. That’s preservatives, food colouring that we talked about last week for St Patrick's Day, alcohol, sugar, refined foods and choices of packaged foods with long ingredient lists. 
  2. Drink at least 1.5L water a day.Black coffee and herb tea counts too. 
  3. Aim for 5 fruits and veggies every day  - or more if you can. 
  4. Eat fibre rich foods, which yes means less packaged foods. Check out Sprout Right Family Food food Blender Pancakes for instance. Great way to start the day.  
  5. Include detox supportive supplements. NAC helps your liver, Drainage Milieu helps your lymph and deep drainage, KID BOOST helps with antioxidants and enzymes and BIO BOOST keeps the bad bacteria in your gut at bay (because they make their own toxins for your body to detox too). 

Extras to help can be skin brushing, exfoliating in the shower so your skin can be eliminated easier without a barrier or dry dead skin in the way. Take deep breaths a few times a day so you know that you’re clearing out your lungs. 

Movement from walks, rebounding is excellent for the lymphatics and even yoga of any intensity level. A long soak in the bath with epsom salts, baking soda and some nice oils is also full of self-love because your emotions also need to be taken into account with detoxification. If you’re holding in resentment, anger, frustration and that creates stuckness that you gotta shift and deal with. 

Knowing that there is so much that you can do before you think that you need to ‘detox’ with all the bells and whistles could have you feeling healthier every day!

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