myFM: March Break - Fun with Food

by Lianne Phillipson March 15, 2023

myFM: March Break - Fun with Food

Some kids are all about the snacks, so this March Break, get them in the kitchen making some really healthy options to start their adventure in food and feeding themselves. 

As parents, we are trying to set our kids up for success in the world; good grades, being kind, taking responsibility for themselves, and then there’s feeding themselves. As Uber Eats, Door Dash, and all the possible deliveries seem so much easier to rely on for meals and whatever you fancy, it will take a toll on health. Then there are the health-washing foods that say ‘natural’ on the packaging so you don’t dive any deeper into the ingredient list. Refined foods, as in those that you can’t replicate in your own kitchen, aren’t high on the good-for-you scale. 

With the opportunity to fill kid's camp lunch boxes with a healthier and homemade granola bar, protein-rich muffin (yes it is possible), and cookies that only ever last until they’re just about cool, getting your kids in the kitchen is an opportunity not to be missed. 

I’ll share the recipes and how-to videos, so you could set your kids up with the ingredients and they can follow along. My daughter Hadley makes the protein muffins, and it’s a hilarious one to watch and will have giggles coming from the kitchen, from her and your kids. 

Get them interested in healthy food as soon as you can, and they will reap the benefits for life! 

Listen to segment below!

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