myFM: Light therapy

by Lianne Phillipson December 15, 2021

myFM: Light therapy

From Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), toenergy production, wrinkles, ease pain, improve your libido (yes you read that right!) and reduce cellulite, what if there was a light that you could expose yourself to that helps with all that? 

Red light and Near InfraRed (NIR) light therapy to the rescue. Red light works more on the surface of the skin, NIR goes deeper. 

I made an impulse buy over Black Friday this year, and didn’t quite know the extent of what my purchase was going to do for me. Now I know. 

I’ve already experienced a lift in mood, I’m targeting my face for skin health and see what it does to my laugh lines and wrinkles, and as I’m going to be showing off more of my body in an upcoming sailing trip, I’m targeting belly and butt, those areas of my body that need better mitochondrial function; the powerhouse of the cell that produces energy, increase the cellular function and getting my cells are working at a higher capacity. Then there’s increasing blood circulation encourages more nitric oxide (it’s a good thing) and vasodilation that leads to more blood flow and nutrients into the area and waste out (and that includes fat). Lastly it eases oxidative stress; cellular metabolism equals free radicals that we don’t need, and that’s where antioxidants are so important. Getting that cellular action balanced between naturally occurring free radicals and antioxidants–also helped by my KID and SKIN BOOST superfood powder supplement you can find on  

Use code EATTHIS10 on for these benefits for yourself: 

  • anti aging and anti wrinkle, reducing fat and cellulite, improving skin health and acne, boosting collagen production, improving strength performance, reduce that stiffness after working out, improving sleep, and circadian rhythm, reducing join and arthritis pain and overall inflammation, reducing Alzheimers and dementia, improving mental acuity, reducing SAD and depression, accelerating wound healing, reducing psoriasis and eczema, stimulating hair growth, improving thyroid health, one that I need is improve glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration, and last but not least IMPROVING LIBIDO and testosterone production (whaaa) … this sounds too good to be true.

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