myFM: let's talk meat

by Lianne Phillipson July 21, 2021

myFM: let's talk meat

It’s barbecue season and what can you grill up that ticks more healthy boxes than not? 


I had Greg Quaile, Vice President of Sales, co-founded truLOCAL on episode 76 to bust some myths about meat. 


Myth 1 - grass fed everyone is looking for, but you must be looking for grass fed AND finished. Every beef cow has grass at some point in their lives and so it can be said that they eat grass, although their diet is predominantly grain. Grass fed AND finished, means there is no corn, grains or anything else added to the cows diet. 


Myth 2 - free from antibiotics and antibiotic free. They are binary opposites. Free from means that they have been weaned off antibiotics towards the end, for 21 days before slaughter. Antibiotic free means it was not raised on antibiotics at all. Never in it’s life. 


The Canadian Government is kind with hormones, and while your chicken or pork package might say hormone free, hormones are not allowed to be given to chickens or pigs so it’s a marketing message to say hormone free on Canadian meats. Every animal has it’s natural hormones just as you and I, but there is nothing added with antibiotic FREE products. 


Nutrient wise, any grass fed and finished will have different nutrients; more omega 6 and 3, vitamin K2, fat that is actually good for you ont just saturated fat. That’s opposite to corn fed cow for instance, as it will have much more fat in it and if it’s grain fed throughout its life, it is a different kind of animal; quite literally. 


If you’d like to try some truLOCAL out, enter the giveaway that Greg generously offered for that one lucky loyal listener will win a$125 gift card towards your first order when you enter at The giveaway will be open until Monday July 26, 2021 at midnight. And if you can’t wait for that head to and use promo code EATTHIS to save 10% on your first 3 boxes. 


Thank you to Greg and his generosity with this incredible giveaway! 


Greg helped create truLOCAL to bring farmers and suppliers into the digital age, expanding their reach beyond their immediate communities – and to link consumers with local, high-quality products. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the truLOCAL offerings and will report back to you in an upcoming newsletter what my thoughts are. 

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