myFM: Drinking Your Calories

by Lianne Phillipson December 16, 2020

myFM: Drinking Your Calories

You know that little glass of eggnog that you treat yourself to? The one that tastes better with a shot of rum in it? Yea, that one. Well for every 125mL or half a cup measure, the sugar count in those sips is just over four teaspoons of sugar. FOUR teaspoons?! How do they do it? The stir stick should stay upright with all that in it. 

That Timmy’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate that you are going to order at the drive thru to warm you up? That small wee cup can’t be that bad for you, can it? It’s just a treat… Well, it has 10 teaspoons of sugar in it. I am not making this up. Truly, your pancreas, that has to make all that insulin to deal with it, is not happy. It’s pooped. Add on that Candy Cane donut because they say it’s a good pairing… I'm not even going to go there. Diabetes is what springs into my mind. 

Starbucks Caramel Brulee Latte would grab my attention as a Creme Brulee lover. A 16oz cup of that goodness, topped with whipped cream has a whopping 50g of sugar which is almost 13 teaspoons or over ¼ cup of sugar. “Rot. Your. Teeth.” is what I can hear my mother say. 

From a Gin Fizz to a Moscow Mule or even a Rusty Nail, this holiday season, the drinks will flow, that’s for sure. The UK’s Telegraph says that “A single pint of cider contained almost as much sugar as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends should be an average person’s daily limit. A tin of gin and tonic contains about half that.”

They also noted that “The drink with the highest concentration of sugar was Baileys Irish Cream, which was found to contain 19.5g of the ingredient – around five teaspoons – per 100ml. This amounts to 5g – slightly more than one teaspoon – of sugar per 25ml measure.”

Thank goodness they go on to say “By contrast, among the wines, beers and champagne analysed in all but one of the cases each glass or bottle contained less than a teaspoon of sugar.”

What will you choose this holiday season?

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