myFM: Common Issues During Pregnancy

by Lianne Phillipson May 05, 2021

myFM: Common Issues During Pregnancy

This week, I got a great pregnancy-related question from a listener.

Rochelle: I hear Jamie talking about pregnancy all the time, so maybe his wife has this too. I'm pregnant and the restless leg syndrome has started. It makes sleep impossible and I wondered if there was something in my diet I can change? Someone said it has to do with what you're eating/not eating.

It can be due to deficiencies, Rochelle, and it’s not fun, that’s for sure. Some research points to iron deficiency, so mention it to your OB or midwife, but I’ve found that increasing magnesium helps a lot too. A probiotic is also needed here so you can absorb more iron from food because it’s so common for your microbiome to be off during pregnancy (especially if you’ve ever suffered with yeast infections). It can also help heartburn too. Try my Take This by Lianne Bio Boost, Magnesium Bis-Glycinate and Green Light, which is good for oxygenation, energy and iron. 

How can you take iron and not get constipated? Ferrum Phos with Liquid Iron is an excellent way to increase iron fast!

Another common issue is heartburn, and my clients have found that probiotics and digestive enzymes help the most with that. Also avoiding tomatoes, eating too late, and fatty foods. So pasta with tomato sauce and meat or sausage could do you in!

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