myFM: Cheat days

by Lianne Phillipson March 16, 2022

myFM: Cheat days

This week's myFM topic came from one of our loyal listeners:

"While trying to eat better, I just cannot cut out certain things. So I've designated a cheat day each week. Three meals that day I don't focus on my diet, but the other six days I'm strict and have been sticking to it.  

How much is that cheat day hurting me and my progress? Do six days of healthy eating get wiped out when I get that Big Mac? Or is a cheat day/cheat meal okay to include for sanity sake?"

First of all, hats off for asking this question in the first place. There is a school of thought that an 80:20 fasting setup works great for some, and in the same vain, that having one cheat day a week works for not only the deprivation mindset, but also the long term effect of eating better can lead to not wanting or should I say the NEED for cheat days. After a while I find that my clients end up needing less and less on their cheat day, and when they do hit the drive through, they end up not enjoying what they order as much. Also, after you binge eat the wings, have a beer and all that, you end up feeling terrible the next day and that’s really counter productive to the rest of the week. 

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