myFM: Avoiding the winter blues

by Lianne Phillipson November 02, 2022

myFM: Avoiding the winter blues

It’s officially November and so it’s time to preventatively get set up to avoid the possibility of the winter blues (while boosting your immune system). 

Waking in the dark and the sun setting in the early evening lessens the amount of light that our eye takes in, and with that mood can veer towards depression whether you have preexisting mental health issues or not. 

What can you do to prevent the blues and SAD? 

  1. Top up with vitamin D3. From October to April, we do not take on vitamin D from the sun as effectively as in the summer months, so it has to come from a supplement. D3 absorption is helped by K2, so I do recommend my Take This by Lianne Sunshine D3+K2 as it is a liposome spray and has better absorption than pills or oils. The dosage for adults is in the arena of 5000iu of D3 a day, I take 10,000 or 10 sprays a day. Kids under 8 years at least 1000iu and maybe a day or two a week.
  2. Get more light. I’m going to use my Red and Near Infra Red light from (use code EATTHIS for 10% off) this year, although there are artificial sunshine lights that you can get and also lightbulbs. 
  3. Exercise daily, preferably outside. As soon as the sun does come up, even if it’s hidden behind the clouds, work out by a window, do yoga at lunchtime or walk anytime as it helps your mind, and lymph and boosts feel-good hormones.  
  4. Prioritize sleep. That means the blue light is off two hours before bed. Use your Orion Red light daily to help balance your circadian rhythm, take Reishi mushrooms, Magnesium Bis-Glycinate, and Melatonin if you need it. Stop caffeine early enough, and don’t eat for at least two hours before bed. All these tips help encourage a full night's sleep. 

Listen to the segment below!

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