myFM: All About Immunity

by Lianne Phillipson October 01, 2020

myFM: All About Immunity

Let’s talk about the foods to eat, foods to avoid and supplements that pack the most immune supportive punch for the whole family. 

Foods to eat 

Fresh fruits and vegetables, and those with colours like Immune supportive foods - think colour, so sweet potato, colourful peppers, broccoli, carrots, beets, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries that can all go into a smoothie.

Soups made with Meat Broth (recipe in Sprout Right Family Food) that not only helps to digest mucus but also supports your gut where 80% of your immune system resides. Add garlic and onions to anything, think garlic and protein so like hummus with raw beets is a perfect snack. 

Keep topped up with hydration from water or herb teas and you can just drink broth out of the mug too. 

If you need to encourage drinking more fluid, knowing that juice isn’t going to help because of the sugar content, so try KID BOOST, my TAKE THIS superfood powder instead. 

Foods to avoid

Sugar is #1 to avoid as it suppresses the immune system for hours. Sadly sugar is found in just about everything. I bought some crunchy chickpeas the other day as a snack when I was out with my kids and even the lime and salt flavour had glucose in it. Ugh. Sadly, even that glass of OJ in the morning, because of it’s high sugar content - without the fibre, can start you on a roller coaster of immune suppression and also wanting more sugar throughout the day. Dairy can have a mucus forming effect so that glass of milk, morning yogurt - that also usually contains sugar - kefir or cheese could make your runny nose or cough and phlegm worse. 

Beware of those sweet treats making their way into your shopping cart, especially as we come into sugary holidays like Halloween and then Christmas. It can become a time of constant consumption as the more sugar that’s eaten, the more you crave and want it. 


The hero of the day right now is for sure vitamin D. Study after study have shown how important it is to overall health, but immunity and especially the respiratory system. Vitamin D has been linked to higher levels of immune cells in the blood and much lower inflammatory markets, scientists at Boston University’s school of medicine. In another study it showed how in the over 40 age group, vitamin D lowered the chance of ending up in the ICU, which is huge. Vitamin D isn’t easy to get from food, and for some because of genetics, getting it from the sun isn’t reliable either. Sure a pile of mushrooms in soup, with garlic and Meat Broth is supportive for immunity, but you don’t want to eat that 24/7 and nothing else. 

My Sunshine D3+K2 spray is my go-to to ensure that everyone in my family is getting the most absorbable form that I know of, because it needs to be in our cells and both the liposome spray aspect and K2 help support that. 

Vitamin C is well known for being essential for immunity, and now is no different. Zinc, the mineral that’s needed for pretty much every process in the body and immunity is found in my Alka C, vitamin C and mineral supplement. 

Probiotics supporting the gut, has the knock on effect of helping the 80% of the immune system that is found there.

Coming at this from all angles is the only way forward, as far as I’m concerned. 

Vitamin C and probiotics are all found in my Immune Boost package.

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