myFM: A healthier way to bake?

by Lianne Phillipson May 25, 2022

myFM: A healthier way to bake?

With the Buckingham Palace garden parties happening, the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations filling my emails and IG feed, afternoon tea, and cakes are top of mind for me. But just how to create a healthier baked treat is the question...

Is there a healthier way to bake? Well, that would depend on what we look at. White flour used for cakes, pastries, croissants, and my favourite, shortbread is void of all nutrients as the brown or nutrient part has been taken away. I have yet to try whole wheat shortbread! Then there’s the milk and fat-rich butter that goes along with it all. That’s before you measure out that cup of sugar and pour the white stuff in the batter. 

If you’re able to do moderation, then baked treats are lovely to have once in a while. If you’re not, then maybe trying out a gluten free flour instead of wheat based baking, bringing out the coconut sugar, monk fruit sugar, or even swapping sugar for applesauce, banana, maple syrup or honey could make your treat less of a burden for your pancreas and insulin response. 

Recently I had a chat with a vegan pastry chefon EAT THIS with Lianne. That means that Fran bakes with no eggs, butter, or milk. How is that possible, is likely what you’re thinking, and I too had the same question for her. She took us through how she has tested and tried so many variations that she has come up with what she called “Chocolate Torte to Live For” which has been baked in kitchens, restaurants, and for notable people all around the world. She does use part whole wheat flour, a smaller amount of sugar, and also maple syrup. I haven’t made it yet, but those who have said it was a total hit with everyone, and no they didn’t know that it was plant-based with no eggs, butter or milk in it. 

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